Daar word op die oomblik in die kerk meer gepraat oor self-ontplooiing as oor self-opoffering.-Anon.......As ‘n kerk haar woorde begin devalueer, dan word die kerk ‘n ramp vir die volk. - K Schilder


Prophetic words of Francis Schaeffer in 1974

...on the truth of the Word and other recent liberal trends. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMYEH435os0


Henrietta said...

Watershed of the evangelical world: an uncompromising view of scripture
(40 minutes long but worth the while!):


Liza-Nel said...

"The difficulty with modern theology is that it is no different from taking drugs. It is one trip or another. You may try LSD, you can try the modern theology. It makes no difference- both are trips, separated from all reason."
~ Francis Schaeffer The Church at the End of the 20th Century, p 21
"Humanism has changed the Twenty-third Psalm: They began - I am my shepherd. Then - Sheep are my shepherd. Then - Everything is my shepherd. Finally - Nothing is my shepherd.'
“Without a strong commitment to God’s absolutes, the early church could never have remained faithful in the face of the constant Roman harassment and persecution. And our situation today is remarkably similar as our own legal, moral, and social structure is based on an increasingly anti-Christian, secularist consensus.”
-The New Neo-Orthodoxy

Henrietta said...

Ai Schaeffer het darem net 'n manier gehad om dinge SO goed neer te pen! Dankie hiervoor Liza.

Henrietta said...

Dankie ook vir daardie kosbare stuk oor die "big bang"!