Daar word op die oomblik in die kerk meer gepraat oor self-ontplooiing as oor self-opoffering.-Anon.......As ‘n kerk haar woorde begin devalueer, dan word die kerk ‘n ramp vir die volk. - K Schilder


Evolutionists, please explain! Where are all the people?

Evolutionists claim that mankind evolved from apes about a million years ago. If the population had grown at just 0.01% per year since then (doubling only every 7,000 years), there could be 1043 people today—that’s a number with 43 zeros after it. This number is so big that not even the Texans have a word for it!

The real history of the world is recorded in the Bible, the Word of the Creator-God who was there in the beginning. This record shows that the world was deluged and destroyed (Genesis 6–9, 2 Peter 3) so that all people living today came from those who survived aboard Noah’s Ark. A study of population growth clearly supports this Biblical record.
(Read more here: http://creation.com/where-are-all-the-people)


Yf said...

Hallo Henriëtta.
It's not jus evolutionists that would like to respond to your challenge, but OEC and ID supporters too.

This response is not aimed at you because you quoted the website in good faith, but rather at them.

Their statement contains a few flaws:

For the sake of the argument they have conceded that humankind is older than 6,000 years, with the accomponing paleontological view of humankind. The calculations are dependent on at least three factors.

1. Who do they consider to be human? H. Habilis, H. Erectus, H. Heidelbergensis, H. Neanderthalensis, H. Sapiens, or H. Sapiens sapiens (us)?

2. Timeperiod. The date of 1,000,000 B.C. is unfounded, unless thay have information that nobody else has, in which case they shouldn't keep to themselves but share with the rest of the scientific community. Habilis evolved 1,8million years ago, Erectus 700,000 years ago. Everybody else is even more recent.
Applying the correct date wil significantly affect the calsulation. Neanderthalensis went extinct 35,000 years ago. Actually any kind of date prior to that is meaningless, since, irrespective of how many of the aforementioned there were, (even if there were tens of millions) they are all gone. They are not a factor in the calculation.
3. Factors influencing population growth. The assumption in this calculaiton is that every single human died of old age in their sleep. No cogniscence was taken of unnatural deaths.

This is the total number of deaths of the 10 worst natural disasters that we know of: 6,563,000

Total deaths of the seven worst plagues that we know of: 1,290,000,000


Furthermore, there occurred the Bronze Age Collapse between roughly 1250 - 1150 B.C. Civilization in the Ancient Near East collapsed, probably due to a combination of earthquakes, drought, migration, warfare and disease. That means many thousands of people died durning a century of upheaval.

The Deluge is not disputed by anybody. It occurred 4,000 years ago. They say that humankind doubles every 7,000 years? Here is the biggest farcifulness of this statement. We are just over halfway to the first doubling. Logically the 8 survivors of the flood should now be 12 or 13 people. That excludes most of their own staff and all their supporters. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you reading here are probably not human, based on their supposition.

I would say that will affect the calculation drastically.

Words fail me to describe this arrogant stupidity in undreestimating the intelligence of the common man.

If the website is going to make statements like these it should at least consider the counter arguments and pre-empt them by stating their rebuttals before the arguments are made, otherwise they leave themselves open to ridicule.

Secondly, do some independent thinking before just parroting their nonsense, because you will be associated with spewing nonsense. (I am sorry Henriëtta, I don't doubt your integrity and faithfulness for a moment, and even more sorry that you were mislead by these people and will now probably be tarred with the same brush)

Thirdly, make sure you have at least all the basic information so that you can make an informed judgement about such controversial statements.

In peace

Henrietta said...

Hi Yf! The main question still remains: where are all the people? the dead, but also the living. Or did the growth rate slow down dramatically for some reason or another?

Yf said...

The factors I mentioned drastically reduces the total amount of humans or their remains. "Ashes to ashes..." Humans only started burying their dead with the onset of civilization - about 7,000 years ago, and i hazard to say not in all cultures to the same extent at the same time. A generation is reckoned to be 25 yearslong. Yes, I would definitely say the rate has gone up, although not at the same rete for every nation. Zimbabwe, for instance, when in his wisdom the tyrant nationalized everything managed to bring down life expectancy from 60 years to 34 years! I would say they have negative opulaiton growth rate.

To reiterate, you cannot just look at growthrate, you must take into account deathrate as well and burial costomes as well.

In peace

Danie Loots said...

"Neanderthalensis went extinct 35,000 years ago."

I am not so convinced that Neanderthal was any different from modern man, Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

Neanderthal seems to me like men that grew very old, hence their thick skulls. That is maybe why their children look exactly like Homo Sapiens.

Some specimens did show symptoms of acute vitamin D deficiency, which might have been caused by the environmental impact of the events causing the Deluge.

Some relevant articles:

Danie Loots said...


I don't see the sentence "If the population had grown at just 0.01% per year since then (doubling only every 7,000 years)" to claim that that was the growth rate. It say that IF this was the growth rate, then ...

With regards to your first question, unless I'm mistaken, all those that you mentioned are regarded as Human. In fact all of them are regarded as Homo Sapiens because they all fit into today's diversity of human beings.

The question still remains, if human were as old as long age proponents and evolutionists say, why are we only 6 billion people?