Daar word op die oomblik in die kerk meer gepraat oor self-ontplooiing as oor self-opoffering.-Anon.......As ‘n kerk haar woorde begin devalueer, dan word die kerk ‘n ramp vir die volk. - K Schilder


When my compass reading is totally wrong...

God’s words of pure, eternal truth
Shall yet unshaken stay,
When all that man has thought or planned,
Like chaff has passed away. —Anon.

The first point of wisdom is to know the truth; the second, to discern what is false.


Henrietta said...

There are people who call themselves Christians , but the “Christ” they “preach” , is merely a historical figure, like Mohammed or Mother Theresa. Some of them even use the Bible for their “sermons”, although they do not believe in things like the virgin birth, the resurrection or the ascension. I wonder if they tear out or skip those pages which do not apply to their “gospel”, and what they do with the old testament? Do they inform ALL people in the congregation of their presuppositions and make it very clear what their views on Jesus and the Bible are?

Liza said...

Ek het die afgelope tyd tot 'n ander besef gekom en dit is dat diesulkes waarvan jy praat 'Kerk' bloot as 'n besigheidsaangeleentheid bedryf. En ja ek glo ook dat diegene wat diesulkes se banke volsit bewus moet wees van wat aan hulle opgedis word - die skape ken mos immers dié herder se stem - anders sou die ledetalle nie bly groei het nie... (maar vir hoe lank - dit sal ons nog moet sien).

Gideon said...

My compass is totally wrong if I go my own direction in stead of seeking God's way. My compass is very wrong if I look upon church going, Bible reading and praying as a means to make me a christian, in stead of it being my pitstop, my filling station from where I gain new momentum to go out into the world and be a beacon of light for those who have strayed away from God.

My compass is wrong when I imagine that I am just as good as the handsome mask I put up for other people.

My compass is right when I am God's salt for the earth - not only to fight decay, but also to make the gospel so palatable, appetizing and alluring that lost souls may feel invited to enter, with me, into a love, faith and trust relationship with Jesus Christ.

My compass is wrong when I try to twist God's Word's arm until I hear it saying what I want to hear. My compass is right when I believe that the Bible is God's inspired word, infallible and true in every respect.

My compass is totally wrong when I look upon praying, Bible reading and church going as a cumbersome duty in stead of a wonderful privilege.

My compass reading is right when I thank God for the privileges of being His beloved child, and to be of service to Him and my fellow man and lead him in the right direction and path.

My compass is right and true, for God granted me to have faith in Him and the compass He has given me.

Henrietta said...

Well said, Gideon!

Henrietta said...

Hallo Helene, baie welkom hier en dankie vir jou sinvolle plasing! Mense van oor wêreld besoek ons blog, en dis ter wille van hulle wat die Engels is. Plaaslike dinge soos die fluitspeler, doen ons maar in Afrikaans.