Daar word op die oomblik in die kerk meer gepraat oor self-ontplooiing as oor self-opoffering.-Anon.......As ‘n kerk haar woorde begin devalueer, dan word die kerk ‘n ramp vir die volk. - K Schilder


"What kind of Bible coffee drinker are you"

Yf se plasing oor die Hebreër-Boek het my laat google, en toe kom ek hierop af.... (Lees verder)


Henrietta said...

Black Coffee – Likes the Word plain and straight.
You are a hard core Berean, who enjoys printing out the text without paragraph breaks, line by line.
Your Bible is clean from notes or commentaries, just the Scriptures and maybe a concordance. You hold a separate collection of Bible dictionaries and commentaries for reference and stuff your notes in 3-ring binders that cause your shelves to sag.

Cappuccino – Likes the Word like a shot of espresso, indulged with frothy foam.
You enjoy digging into the Word with notes and commentaries readily available, inserted alongside the text.
Your Bible is a Study Bible, and it’s most likely the NASB translation, although you switch between that and NIV. You underline and make notes in the margin. The Good Book is covered in either (faux) leather or in a canvas Bible cover.

Latte – Likes the Word, rich and creamy, and enjoys a foamy mustache.
You love walking through the Word with companions of devotional thoughts or inspirational questions.
Your bookshelf is never short of a fave devotional or Bible Study series. Your Bible might be a Life Application Bible, or it’s simply paired with your favorite “Daily Bread” or stacked on top of a study book.

Mocha – Likes the Word, like a chocolaty treat, a rich confectionery splurge.
You love journaling in the Word, reflecting on Christian writing, meditations or even art, music and photography.
The Word comes alive in a mosaic of artistic expressions. Your Bible might be a Journaling Bible where you weave whatever prompts your heart into God’s words. You are an artist who takes in the Word and sees it reflected in unexpected places.

(Ek dink ek is 'n "Mocha".... )

Yf said...

Very refreshing! Amongst all the self-test personality questionnaires this is certainly a different view on the personality. But what about "Boeretroos moerkoffie" (and try translating that into English!)

May you all be too blessed to be stressed!

Liza said...

Ek drink deesdae nogals baie moerkoffie, meer as wat goed is vir my, andersins is mocha hoog bo-aan my lysie.:)

PS. ...Moer can also mean “ground” as in moerkoffie i.e. coffee made from coffee grinds. That’s why when someone says “ek gaan jou moer” it means I am going to grind you up...

Henrietta said...

;))))) - Liza die Nederlanders is nogal baie erg daaroor om hul koffie te "grind" EN hulle onderskei tussen grof en fyn gemaal. As mens dit op jou laaste plasing van toepassing maak ... nou ja, daar is grade van "grinding" lyk my....

Liza said...

FYN gemaal...:)))